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Curtains make the interior cozier and help hide its imperfections. Experts advise focusing on criteria such as the proportions and size of the room, the style of the interior, the desired level of protection from light. Also important are the location of the windows relative to the cardinal points, the color of the furniture, the pattern on the wallpaper, the combination with other interior items. Textiles will look different in different lighting conditions, so it is worth choosing several samples of suitable fabrics and making the final decision on the spot. Natural materials "shrink", so you need to provide an additional margin for the height of the curtains. Synthetic fabrics are less capricious to care for. In addition, it is important that the texture and pattern on the curtains overlap with other interior details: pillows, tablecloths, etc. Lush textiles and fancy curtains on beautiful cornices are most often used in the living room. In the bedroom, you need to choose the most dense ones, it is also important that they do not overload the interior. In the kitchen, curtains should be practical. The most common option is roll. And in the nursery, textiles with bright drawings of children's themes are appropriate. It looks very interesting if the pattern on the curtains is repeated in the interior, for example, on the carpet and pillows, but on a different scale. It is inexpensive to choose curtains for the hall, living room, bedroom or nursery for a number of objective reasons. Of course, ready-made curtains will cost a little more than just the material. But you need to understand that these are sets, they are already draped (or a spectacular assembly has been made) and equipped with additional elements (for example, beads or glass beads, if it is muslin). We have a large selection of curtains in different colors and patterns. Our curtains are a simple solution when your home needs a little renovation. Our assortment includes blackout curtains, curtains made of thick and thin fabrics of different sizes, filament curtains and even mosquito nets. Decorate your home with beautiful and ornate curtains. If you are looking for mosquito nets for an apartment or a country house, then we have a solution for you. The range includes mosquito nets, mosquito nets and other mosquito nets for doors and window frames. Let yourself be inspired by our large selection on our resource. Curtains are not only functional, they also contribute to the overall ambiance and decor of your home.